Fear and Undesired Behavior

Maryland Hypnosis for behavior modification

Looking for an experienced mindset coach?

We can help you to make many changes that you “should” be able to make on your own but somehow have been having trouble with, such as:

  • Discovering your purpose in life
  • Stopping bad habits
  • Having more fulfilling relationships
  • Releasing procrastination
  • Becoming more productive
  • Being more “in alignment”

Where You May Be Getting Stuck

While you may be very good at knowing “what” to do to get what you want, the path may be somewhat obscured. You may even have a feeling at the deepest level that you could be more fulfilled or achieving more, but somehow it just doesn’t click.

There may be a fundamental disconnect between what you want, and the action of achieving it. The reason many people fail at designing their lives the way they want them is they are only using their conscious judgmental part of them.

The Subconscious Connection

As hypnotists, we know that accessing your subconscious mind can solve many of these challenges. Your subconscious won’t let you achieve anything more than what you feel comfortable with, even if you think consciously it is in your best interests. Maybe this sounds familiar.

Through using a process of hypnosis along with modern coaching techniques, we can help to move you into a place of success.

What You Can Expect

We begin all of our sessions with a free conversation so that you can decide and we can decide if the services are a good fit for you.

Once you come into the session, we will begin to asking you what you would like to achieve, and will help you with our different tools to guide you to a solution.

Leaving the session, you can expect to feel better, more relaxed, and have a sense of connection with a part of you that maybe you had forgotten for a while.

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