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Maryland Hypnosis for weight loss

Can Hypnosis Solve Your Weight-Loss Problem?

Have you been struggling with those twenty pounds for far longer than you’d like? You’ve tried every diet under the sun and upped your workout regimen, and still, the weight remains. If this sounds familiar, there’s a possibility that the weight remains because of a mental block. Think about it: if you’re continuously stressed because of other factors in your life, your body will hold onto the excess weight until you eliminate the root cause. Here’s where Hypnosis can help.

During a Hypnosis session, we will guide you through your weight-reduction journey and identify any potential challenges you’re facing. We will work on your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself, In many cases, people emotionally eat as a response to stress or a traumatic event. Food can serve as a coping mechanism in response to these events, leading to unwanted weight gain or a general difficulty to lose weight. Together, you and your hypnotist can work through these blockages in order to remove the obstacle preventing you from losing weight. 

Going to a Hypnosis session won’t automatically make you lose the weight. Instead, Hypnosis will provide you with the tools you need to make the changes yourself. By discovering the damaging subconscious thoughts and programming, you will be able to overcome them and work on different types of coping strategies that will further along your weight reduction.

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