Master NLP

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming was created as a model of successful people, including therapists, business practitioners, and communicators and has since become known as “The Study of Human Excellence.”

In NLP we study how language impacts the brain and how we can use it to change our perceptions of reality. Used in therapeutic, business, sales, and interpersonal settings, NLP has become one of the most sought after tools for personal growth and development. Many hypnotherapists study NLP in order to enhance their skills.

What is HNLP?

A student once asked, where is the Heart in NLP? And the teacher answered, “The Heart is in You.” And so HNLP was born.

The style of NLP that we teach is called Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. Humanistic NLP integrates quantum physics, modern neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality into NLP. For those interested in such fields, it is a wonderfully positive and pro-active way of working with yourself or other people.

Having a strong backbone of neuroscience aids tremendously in your understanding of the techniques, how people work, and gives you a great way of explaining things to your clients. We believe that certified HNLP courses are currently the only NLP courses adding this amount of neuroscience to the course.

As a hypnosis center, we teach HNLP because it empowers hypnotists, therapists, coaches, nurses, and others both in the helping professions and in business, to help change and transform others and themselves.

This Dual-Certification 7-Day Course will include all of the standard curriculum for a full NLP Practitioner training as well as the HNLP aspects taught in the course.


This is the only Certified (H)NLP course offered in the Washington DC Metro Area.

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